One of Terry's jobs in a previous dimension was to teach computer programming.  The first thing nearly every programming student is expected to learn is an exercise called 'Hello world!'; the requirement being that students use their computer skills to publish the salutation, 'Hello World.'  The reason for its universality is that this is the most basic task that can be accomplished in programming and provides a gateway to the new learning experience.

This first blog is JT Brewer's 'Hello World!'  Having just attended an outstanding writers conference, we both came home bursting with ideas and high expectations.  'Write a blog' was number one on our to do list.  How hard can it be, we asked each other, to start a simple forum expressing our thoughts?   How hard turned out to be three days of intense research into books like 'Blogging for Dummies,' staying up into the wee hours trying to negotiate the maze of directions on setting up the page on our website and looking up a plethora of terminologies we have yet to comprehend, much less master.  In the end we just decided to throw ourselves in the pool and hope to learn to swim. 

So here we are, and we think we have a good question to throw out into the void in hopes someone swimming out there will grab hold and maybe even write us back.  Here goes...

Question:  When was the last time you did something significant for the first time?  Scientists say that new experience is a basic need for the human personality.  Yet, many of us prefer to remain in our comfort-zone recliners, remote in hand, pressing the same old buttons over and over again.  If you have recently taken taken upon yourself a new challenge, what is it and what compelled you to do it?  Tell us about it.

For us, not counting this blog, it was writing.  Both of us had dabbled in writing since we were in high school.  But, it wasn't until we faced our midlife marriage crisis that we realized writing could reawaken our interest in each other as well as in the new worlds writing has to offer. The effort was not easy and filled with ups and downs, but, it was, oh, so worth it.  In future posts we will go into more detail.  For now, we will just say thanks to our maker for showing us the way.  

Hello World!  We would love to hear from you